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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Machine learning technology and Types of Machine learning

Machine learning technology and Types of Machine learning: In this article you can know all about machine learning and how it works and types of machine learning.

Machine learning is the process of teaching a system or device to do specific task. It is like a artificial intelligence, now what is artificial intelligence. AI is a process of making machine to intelligently as like as human beings. Actually machine learning is used to build artificial intelligent machines or systems. Example is self driving cars, it runs automatically that inside machine teaches itself how to drive car. It runs based on its software.

Machine learning is like a data mining, it mainly works on data. machine learning analyze the data, it gives response and it provide complete field that it is a real system or human. Machine learning mainly focuses on development of programs or softwares.
Some uses of machine learning are:

1. Natural language processing.
2. Recognizing and finding faces in images.
3. Banking and telecommunications.
4. Image processing.
5. Handwriting to text or speech.
6. Face recognition etc.

Types of machine learning

Types of Machine Learning

1. Supervised learning: This is a teacher oriented learning. In this learning if we give a set of data and already we know what the output is, There is a relationship between input and output. Supervised learning is fast and accurate. Supervised learning is a learning where you can consider the learning is guided by the teacher.

2. Unsupervised learning: In this learning we don't know any output, Here system has to understand what output should produced for the data that has given. If once we give dataset, it has to find the patterns and relationships in the dataset.

I hope you have understand this article 'Machine learning technology and Types of Machine learning' if you have any questions regarding this article you can tell me in the comment box I will be there for you.

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