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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Introduction to Networking | Types of Networking

Introduction to Networking | Types of Networking: Here you can learn about what is networking and how it works. Also what are the main types of networking.

First thing is what is network: A group of interconnected computers and other devices that are capable of sharing hardware and software resources between different users.

Here in network protocols are mainly used for communication between users. Main protocol used in communication is TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) that defines how the data is sent and received through network. Each network device has a IP Address (Internet Protocol) Address. Through this IP address the network device can send and receive the data.

Another one mainly used protocol is HTTP protocol (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). HTTP uses client-server model. A client that are running browser in laptop, computer or mobile device and server which is running web host web server software. When you access some information or data  from your browser the request sends to the server through this HTTP protocol and server process that request and send the output to the clients device through HTTP protocol.

Types of Networking:

There are mainly used 3 types of networks:
1. LAN(Local Area Network).
2. MAN(Metropolitan Area Network).
3. WAN(Wide Area Network).

1. LAN(Local Area Network): Private owned networks that are small network communication like in one building, Institute or school, small offices etc. These are mainly used to connect to computers in capuses, schools or offices to share their resources and exchange information.

2. MAN(Metropolitan Area Network): It is something longer than LAN, it covers some longer geographical area network like some buildings to buildings or cities to cities. MAN can be owned by some organization, but it usually used by many organizations and individuals. 

3. WAN(Wide Area Network): WAN covers a larger geographical area networks, like a country or continents. MAN is a network that cross metropolitan, national boundaries or regions.

I hope you have understand this article 'Introduction to Networking | Types of Networking' and if you have any questions regarding this networking you can comment me I will resolve that issue.

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