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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Internet of Things(IOT) Working, Management of IOT devices and IOT platforms

Internet of Things(IOT) Working, Management of IOT devices and IOT platforms: Here you can learn about How IOT works, IOT platforms and how to manage IOT devices.

How Internet of Things(IOT) Works: Internet of Things works with 4 components. Senors, Gateway, Server and Controlling device or Mobile.

How Internet of Things Works with sensors and Network
1. First we have sensors, There are different types of sensors are used in different situations. Sensors can be placed anywhere from where you want data. Sensors will collect data and send to processing device it can be a microcontroller or microprocessor that are used to process this data collected  by the sensors.

2. Second thing in IOT is local processing. It processes data received from the sensors through Framework or Gateway. Data collected from the sensors are large amount of data so it need to store in the cloud storage.

3. Next we need to setup a network or server so it can communicate with devices to process that sensors data and In this step data is processed in the cloud.

4. After that we can control the devices from mobile or laptops from anywhere in the world.

IOT Platforms
There are many number of IOT platforms where IOT works efficiently. They are:
1. Microsoft Azure.
2. Salesforce IOT Cloud.
3. IBM Watson.
4. Amazon Web Services etc.

Management of IOT devices

IOT platform can be able to connect and manage different devices. Whether you are using IOT in Wearable healthcare, or In Vehicle or Home security system you will need to configure the device and you should also able to work with IOT related softwares.

1. Authentication is the process of managing the IOT devices securely. Main thing in IOT is security you have to manage IOT devices and sensor data cloud storage securely.

2. Configuration is the way of setup a system or components in IOT devices. We have to configure and control the IOT devices.

3. Monitoring the IOT data or devices. In a system there are thousands of remote devices. Monitoring is important factor in IOT management to minimize the impact of any device.

4. Software maintanance is important to manage IOT devices, You have to configure and update the software system in real time.

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