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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Technology, Technology News and Types of Technology

Technology, Technology News and Types of Technology. If you want to know some technology news and types you are at the right place. In this article you you can know about technology news and types etc.

Technology around the world

Technology Definition and Types of technology

Technology is defined as science or knowledge in practical use to solve a problems and the branch of knowledge and skills that deals with creation of technical things. It is also the application of scientific knowledge for machinery and devices developed.

Technology is also an application of science that is used to solve the daily life problems. Nowadays we apply technology almost in everything of our daily life, we use technology for communication, for business, to compete to the business, to create new products and innovations in industries.

Technology is dynamic that is it keeps on changing and updating the things and improving the innovations, things, gadgets etc.

Sensors: A sensor is a device or object that detects some physical environment, It may be either light, heat, pressure, motion, gesture etc.
                                                         Types of sensors
1. Accelerometer sensor.
2. Proximity sensor.
3. Temperature sensor.
4. Infrared sensor.
5. Ultrasonic sensor.
6. Color sensor.
7. Touch sensor etc.

Internet of things(IOT):  Internet of things is nowadays fastest growing technology, that is IOT defines collection of physical devices or objects around the world connected to internet and sharing data each other.
1. Smart Home.
2. Connected Cars.
3. Smart Cities.
4. IOT in Agriculture.
5. IOT tracking and monitoring system etc.

Communication technology: It is also called as information technology that is all equipments and programs used to process and communicate information.
1. Live meeting.
2. Conference call.
3. Computer assisted conference.
4. IM(Instant messaging).
5. Texting etc.

Medical technology: Medical technologists are perform and analyze the scientific tests on blood and these highly professionals work in hospitals and independent laboratories.
Types of medical technology
1. Diagnostic equipments like ultrasound and MRI machines.
2. PET and CT scanners.
3. X-ray machines etc.

Educational technology: It refers to all the applications of technology in learning process like IT tools, resource systems etc.
Types of Educational technology
1. Synchronous and Asynchronous.
2. Linear learning.
3. Collaborative learning.

Technology News

Machine learning: computer scientists have developed a system that learns to identify objects with the image. Aeronautical engineering: This is also fastest growing technology with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Now innovations are changing our future IOT also fastest growing technology around by 2021 billions of devices are connected to internet and controlled through internet. Robotics have best scope in the future scientists are developing advance humanoid robots and it will helpful in future in healthcare, constructions etc.

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