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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Internet of things(IOT) best Features and Examples

Internet of things(IOT) best Features and Examples: In this article you will know all about IOT and its examples.

The devices or objects that are connected to internet and controlled through internet is known as internet of things. Interconnection between devices through internet. It is the network of home appliances, physical devices etc. IOT will transform our world by connecting all of the 'things' that touch our everyday life through sensors and cloud computing. 

                                                   Internet of things (IOT) Features

1. Sensing: IOT is not possible without sensors which will detect any changes in environment and produce data to send for processing. The sensing technologies create capabilities to reflect to the real world, It is simple but it can provide rich understanding about the world.

2. Home Automation: You can automate your home lights, fans or other electronic things by IOT.
Like if you enter in the room light will on and automatic fan on etc.

3. Security: You can secure your home with IOT like place sensors at home and if there is some disturbance at home email or message come on your phone.

How internet of things works

Examples for Internet of things

Smart Cars: The automotive companies developing cars that also a part of IOT. Imagine that the car is automatically opens the door before you arrive and you can remotely control the temperature, lights of the car, Tesla car have all these features.

Google glass: The big company that defines innovation and internet the best google has developed a google glass that is more repeating history of the company. A headset designed with optical head display, you can now wear it and together with voice activation you can interact, see, surf the net etc. 

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