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Saturday, September 29, 2018

C Programming Introduction and Basics of C Programming

C Programming Introduction and Basics of C Programming: In this article you can learn about C programming language introduction and basics.

Introduction to C programming: C programming language is a most popular and widely used to create computer programs. It is basic programming language easy and simple syntax based and t gives more efficiency to the programmer. If you are a programmer or thinking to become a programmer first you must learn C language, because it is a basic language.

Basics of C programming: C is a first published by Dennis Ritchie in 1978, this is specific language. C is a portable language because a C program can be compiled in any platform with C compiler.
* C is a simple and versatile programming language.
* C programs are efficient and fast.
* C has a rich set of operators.
* C is a strucured programming language.
* C is a function oriented programming language.

C program Execution: First compiler recieves a source file of C and it compiles if no errors are found then it runs, if errors are found then we need to correct that errors first.

How C program written

Basic example of C program:

void main()
printf("Welcome to C programming");

This C program will print "Welcome to C programming" on the screen.
First '#include' it is call header file it executes before start execution it will called header file, it contains all builtin functions. 'Void main' the execution of program will start from main funtion it is compulsory to write and 'printf'' function it prints the content inside it with double quotes.

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